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ILD is acknowledged worldwide for quality leak detection and integrity testing procedures, plus the development and installation of integrated sustainable flat roof protection systems. We are not only internationally acclaimed for our pioneering technologies and services, but also for our exemplary customary advisory service.


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The ILD® service portfolio

Flat Roof Leak Detection

Damage that has already occurred must be detected quickly and then reliably documented and repaired. We will achieve this!

How can I assist you?

Do you have a leaking flat roof or questions about leak detection? Call or send me an e-mail!

Klaus Holm
Managing Director
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Roof Monitoring

Full control and freedom from damage over the entire life cycle of your flat roof with our innovative safety systems.

How can I assist you?

Do you want to protect your flat roof or have questions about Roof Monitoring? Call or send me an e-mail!

Ullrich Kämmer
Sales Manager
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