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Long term protection of your property

Flat roof leak detection is an important prerequisite for protecting your property against loss of value in the long term. As an internationally recognized specialist for the detection of leaks on flat roofs, we offer our customers optimum service and innovative solutions for the protection of flat roofs.

Your flat roof is leaking? For the flat roof leak detection we use innovative technology. Flat roofs celebrate a renaissance in architecture. On the one hand, they are seen as a commitment to the essential, to pure architecture – and on the other hand they are practical, inexpensive and technically mature. That is why they are often offered by property developers and architects – and also chosen by clients. If there are leaks, they are much harder to locate than other roof shapes. For this reason, ILD® uses special leak detection techniques and installs monitoring systems that are adapted to the individual conditions of a wide variety of flat roofs. 20 years of experience and comprehensive equipment for the different methods of flat roof leak detection make ILD® the world’s number one flat roof leak detector

With many years of experience and the best expertise, we offer the following services for flat roof leak detection:

Leak detection with smoke and tracer gas

Electric Field Vector Mapping – EFVM (Electric pulse method)

Non-destructive moisture measurement in the insulating layer

Water extraction and technical drying of the insulation


What can we do, to assist you?

The ILD® service portfolio

Flat Roof Leak Detection

Damage that has already occurred must be detected quickly and then reliably documented and repaired. We will achieve this!

Roof Monitoring - Roof Control

Full control and freedom from damage over the entire life cycle of your flat roof with our innovative safety systems.

How can I assist you?

Ullrich Kämmer
Managing Director ProtectSys®
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Let us use our years of expert experience in leak detection to provide a range of advantages for you and your flat roof. You can find out more here!

- 25 years of experience
- worldwide - but also close by
- certified measurement engineer
- cutting-edge processes

Process technologies

Our innovative leak detection technologies mean that we can correct damage quickly and effectively under a wide range of conditions!

Why experts use ILD

Because experience creates trust

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